Our Kata Sylabus

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Our Kata Sylabus

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:41 pm

The following are list is our current kata list.

Yellow - Geki Sai Ichi
Orange - Geki Sai Ni
Green - Saifa
Blue - Shisochin
Purple - Sanseiryu
Brown - Seisan
Shodan - Tenchi*
Nidan - Seienchin and Seiryu*
Sandan - Seipai, Byakko*
Yondan - Kururunfa and Shujyakku*
Godan - Suparimpe and Genbu*

* Tenchi, Seiryu, Byakko, Shujyakku, and Genbu are called Meibuken created by our founder and considered as Kaiha (School's) Kata.

In the west we call these next exercises kata but sometime in Okinawa they are not.They are required for all belts.

Jo Chu Ge
Chu Shuto Ge
Chu Geri Ge
Shuto Geri Ge
Kake Chu Ge
Kouke Chu Ge

Heishu Tensho is taught at black belt

Meibukan Kobudo (Weapons)
Geki Sai Ichi Bo
Geki Sai Ni Bo
Saifa Bo

Geki Sai Ichi Sai
Geki Sai Ni Sai
Saifa Sai
Shisochin Sai

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